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  • Stowa Prodiver Blue Limited

    Mám to z mejlu, tak šup s tim sem :)

    We would like to inform you today about our STOWA autumn news just before going into our well-deserved summer holiday (July 30th until August 14th 2016):
    First the STOWA Prodiver Blue Limited edition of 200 pieces with titan case and rubber strap or with a new titanium bracelet (available from autumn). Price: starting at EUR 1.110.- (without german V.A.T)
    Second the STOWA Flieger Klassik 36 in a new 36mm steel case. We have already offered this watch many years ago. After a lot of inquires we offer you this new edition of our Flieger watch in a smaller diameter. (pictures are follwing middle of august)

    Both watches will be available from October!

    After our summer holiday you can order the STOWA Prodiver Blue Limited and also the STOWA Flieger Klassik 36 in our STOWA Online Shop.

    STOWA Prodiver Blue Limited
    The Prodiver Blue Limited will be offered up to 200 pieces. To enable the selection of your desired number you can sign in your reservation at and tell us your desired number.
    Afterwards you will get an auto response about your reservation! At the middle of August, after our holiday, we will assign the desired numbers. If multiple customers choose the same number, we will determine after the date/time of receipt.

    Order process during summer holiday
    As usual an order at our STOWA online shop ( is possible during our whole summer holiday. As always you will get an automatical order confirmation.
    Other messages will neither be read nor be forwarded during our summer holiday! Please contact us from August 15th again.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    We wish you a relaxing summer 2016!

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